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The CountyLog program is a specialty logging program designed for mobile amateur radio operators.    It has been designed to allow quick entry of important information regarding QSOs. The software is primarily concerned with the logging of U.S. county information, which may be used to help work toward awards such as the USA-CA award for working all counties in the U.S.A.  The data from this program may be imported into your general logging software.  This sofware exports data in the ADIF (Amateur Data Interchange Format) and CSV (comma-seprated variable)

You may export log data into ADIF format and import it into another general logging program which supports ADIF import.  The CSV format is useful for creating reports using a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.  You may export your log data from this program into CSV format and then read the CSV file directly into Microsoft Excel.

This program was developed to operate with a minimum of 800x600 screen resolution.  You may use the program with higher resolutions, but the higher the resolution, the less of the screen that is used.  Less than 800x600 resolution may result in some data not displaying properly.

Downloads are available that run under Windows 98 or Windows XP.

You may download a fully functioning copy of the sofware for free.  The free version contains all of the features of the program, but is limited to a maximum log size of 20 QSOs.  The full version of the program expands the log limit from 20 contacts to as many as your computer memory will allow.  Since this program is not intended as a general logging program, it is suggested that you regularly import your log data into your general logging software.  Please register your copy of this program to receive a key to unlock the full version.

The software registration is $8.00 U.S.  You may download the software and try it before you register.  The link to the download is:







When you register, be sure to send me your email address and amateur radio call sign.  These are required for me to complete your registration. Contact Seaworthy Software if you need to receive this program on a CD Rom. Shipping is an additional cost for CD copies.

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